Impromptu Hypnosis Bootcamp, March 25th and 26th 2017


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The purpose of this workshop is to teach a basic framework for impromptu hypnosis. This can be used for street performances or just to be able to give basic demonstrations with whoever is interested when you mention you’re a hypnotist in random conversation. This will be an excellent course for anyone with street performance experience who wishes to add hypnosis to their repertoire, anyone who is a practicing clinical hypnotist who wants to be able to do basic demonstrations for anyone who asks in a casual setting, or really anyone who just wants to know how this whole “street hypnosis” thing works.

This workshop will be 2 days (the weekend of March 25th and 26th) and focus on practicing a basic framework for impromptu hypnosis demonstrations from start to finish. We’ll cover approaches, building rapport quickly, set pieces, drilling different inductions, handling unexpected situations or responses, safety, personalizing your routine, subject selection, hypnosis theory, and lots and lots of practice. You don’t learn hypnosis by reading a book; you learn hypnosis by hypnotizing and being hypnotized.

Chris Barry is offering this Workshop at a discounted rate to help the HSA in our 50th Anniversary Membership Drive, as well as an early bird discount that expires February 25th.

Early bird price:         $250 ($200 for HSA members)
After February 25th: $300 ($250 for HSA members)

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